Raúl Fernández

Born in Granada (Spain) He start to play in 1996, playing on several local bands. In 2001 join to biggest legends spanish metal band, Canker. From 2005 he work full time as drummer. On 2012 he moves to France, starting his own recording studio and drum school, as sound enginner and session drummer. In 2013 he join Abyssal Ascendant.

In 2016 he made the drums tracks for the first album of Weeping Willow, in 2019 make some collaborations with renowed frenchs musiciens, such as Patrick Rondat. Strictly self-taught, in September 2019 he perform studies in the prestigious french music school Music Academy International ( M.A.I.) achieving the 5th place on a 100 students promotion ( Second in the Drummers section), and Diploma with mention. and a Diploma with merits from UK’s school Rockschool. Raul has recorded more than 20 albums in his career

Raul Fernandez Bio