Emilio Aragón

Emilio started in music when he was 12 years old playing the guitar and singing, but it was not until he was 16 that he got in touch with the drums. In the year 2000 he began to study and prepare as a professional musician, studying first in Elche with Moisés Beltrán and preparing to take the leap to Madrid where he spent 6 years studying with the prestigious drummer Luís García and attending numerous master classes (Pedro Barceló, Pepe Sánchez, Ange Bao, Dani Pérez, Andy C)

After going through many bands and soloists as a professional musician, he currently shares his work as a drummer and session musician with bands like The Troupers, Insidia and you, A lo Fito, Negociando Gasolina and Twobacks. He also remains a drummer for artists such as José Moreno, Guille Dinnbier, Noguera, Harp Rocker. And he has participated as a teacher, in 2013/2014, in a project called Rock UMH as a professor at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche (Alicante)

Emilio Varus Drum Kit

Maple shells 22”x18 12”x8 14”x14 16”x16 14”x6 Solid maple snare

Emilio Aragón Varus Drum Kit