Juan Diego Gosálvez

Juan Diego Gosálvez

Juan Diego Gosálvez Fernández is a Spanish drummer from Madrid.

Currently plays drums with Tokyo Sex Destruction, Brian Hunt, Christina Rosenvinge, Anni B sweet, Marem Ladson and Russian Red on tour and studio records.

He also works in studio as a session musician (drums, keys and percussion) and musical producer & arranger.

If you grab any record from Juan Diego’s discography, you wouldn’t be beaten with complexly ornamented drummer stuff, or any claim for attention. Yet the rhythm parts (made with a mixture of standard drumsets/percussion and “old fashioned” electronics) are so musically matched to the song that the two meld in a single stimulating emotion.

Juan Diego Varus Maple kit

22"x18, 13"x8, 16"x16, 14"x6

Juan Diego Gosálvez Varus Drum Kit

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