Sergio Martín Vázquez

Sergio Martin Vázquez was born on April 29, 1983 in the town of Terrassa (Barcelona) was where he began to experiment with his first drum at age 13, the style that predominated with his first amateur groups was the Rock and its different tributaries, So it was from age 13 to 22 going through different bands and learning to master the instrument, he was lucky enough to be able to study with great masters such as Serginho Moreira and Roger Blavia. It was then at the age of 22 when he began his professional career.


Here he began to get into the world of flamenco and Latin patterns, until today recorded 5 studio albums and 2 live, 12 years touring with this band through many countries such as: Egypt, Cuba, Greece, Germany, Belgium, France , Switzerland, Hungary, etc ... In addition to go through many festivals in this country, venues and major parties.

Nowadays it is submerged in the following projects:

  • DCALLAOS: Flamenco fusion
  • TREMENDA MUELA: Rockfunk
  • From THE CARMELA: Bolerolatin
  • 12 STRINGS: flamencojazz

Sergio Martín Vázquez Varus Drum Kit

20”x18 12”x8 14”x14 16”x16 Snare 14”x6

Sergio Martín Vázquez Varus Drum Kit