Yoni Madar

Yoni Madar is an independent artist who creates and writes his own music. Born in Israel, he’s a self-taught player, producer & composer who’s mastered four different instruments. Before the age of fourteen, Madar learned to play drums, guitar, bass and piano, becoming fluent very quickly. Currently has thousands of followers on his You Tube page. Per Knudtson, Yoni Madar has mastered and utilizes Gordy’s ‘Open Close’ technique, in a most musical way.


Yoni: "As a musician, I’ve always strived for originality and creative independence, therefore I did not persue working with celebrities.I have been practicing hard on all four instruments for about thirty-four years, writing and creating my own music and playing all the roles myself. I’m currently busy teaching my unique methods and working on materials for my debut album and then aspire to perform at music festivals.” https://www.madardrum.com/ 



Maple shells. Sizes 22”x18 10”x8 12”x9 14”x14 16”x16 14”x6 Solid Maple snare

Yoni Madar Varus Drum Kit