ICONA Custom Series

ICONA Custom Drum

The "Icona”  An instrument that offers a great sound, Maple hand selected wood from Balkans - Its full tonality, rich sustain, and exceptional versatility has made these drums the premier choice for any performance application. In this way we obtain a versatile and very balanced sound, ideal for the drummer who wants a versatile drum kit. Classic Maple's standard 6-ply for the toms and 8ply for the Bass drums, 5,4mm shell is formulated for optimum resonance and tonality. Its center three-ply core panel (laminated in a horizontal/vertical/horizontal grain bond to a 2.4mm thickness,). 

   Each drum's bearing edge is cut to a 45º-degree angle. 

The edge is hand-sanded to the craftsman's touch to assure a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating; the final touch to complete the unmistakable VARUS Sound. Bright attack with maximum sustain for exceptional adaptability. ICONA Maple is ideal for any performance setting. Its versatility makes it the best "all-purpose" drum set for today's professional settings

Construction: Maple shells 6 ply 5,4mm for the toms and 8 ply 7,2mm for the bass drum
Finishes available: 100% Custom Design - 
Available Sizes: From 6" to 24" - You can choose your favorite deeper
Hardware: in chrome, gold or black, Triple flanged hoops 2,3mm. Rims included
Extras: You can add toms or additional snare - Die cast hoops - Wood hopos - High gloss finish
Heads: CODE


We recommend you to contact us in order to get more information about these drums. They are configurable from the factory, obtaining a sound and a custom construction to the client's taste.

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