The "Icona Custom”  An instrument that offers a great sound, mixing shells  Wood Beech/Maple - In this way we obtain a versatile and very balanced sound, ideal for the drummer who wants a versatile drum kit.

Construction: Hybrid shells 50% maple 50% beech  6 plies 5,4mm for the toms and 8 plies 7,2mm for the bass drum
Finishes available: 100% Custom Design - Only in matt or satin finish
Available Sizes: From 6" to 24"
Hardware: in chrome, gold or black, Superhoops 2,3mm. Rims included
Extras: You can add toms or additional snare - Die cast hoops - Wood hopos - High gloss finish
Heads: CODE


We recommend you to contact us in order to get more information about these drums. They are configurable from the factory, obtaining a sound and a custom construction to the client's taste.