Allan Sørensen

Allan began playing drums at the age of 4, influenced by his parents. In the beginning he was influenced by Danish pop and rock acts. Soon he discovered the world of metal from bands like AC/DCKiss, Saxon, Dio, etc.

As a teenager he began to take drum lessons from Mikkey Dee (Motörhead/Scorpions) Mikkey became Allan`s mentor and big inspiration for his further career. His skills as a drummer were soon discovered in 1992 by Danish metal band Narita, where he recorded two albums. After that he recorded 2 albums with Prime Time (a band formed by Narita guitarist Henrik Poulsen).

Allan Sørensen

ALLAN Sørensen Varus KIT

Maple shells: 22”x18 (x2) 10”x9 12”x10 14”x14 16”x16 14”x6 Snare