Gerit Lamm

Gerit Lamm is a German metal drummer born in April 1978. His musical journey started at the age of 10 when he learned how to play classical guitar.

By the age of fifteen he had dived into the big pond of Metal music and was impressed by the many talented and gifted musicians in this genre. The world of rhythm fascinated him so much that he started learning how to play the drums.

Gerit is a self taught drummer who is constantly searching for new impressions and inspirations. In his younger years he played for many local bands from all different genres.

By the age of 23 he got the first record label deal with the internationally acclaimed female fronted Symphonic Metal band Xandria. For the next 18 years this would be his main band.

After releasing 7 chart hitting albums and many tours all over the world the band took a break for an undefined period of time in 2018. Not willing to stop making music, Gerit decided to explore other genres. So he used the break to play worldwide Oktoberfests with a cover band, worked as a drummer in Disney World Orlando and recorded different styles from Pop to Hardcore as a session drummer.

He also formed a new female fronted Metal band named Catalyst Crime together with different musicians from the USA and Canada. Their debut will be released in Fall 2021 followed by a month long tour all through Europe. Gerit is endorsed by Varus Snare Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Vater Drumsticks, Czarcie Kopyto Pedals, Audix Mics, Skygel Damperpads and Utimate Ears.

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Gerit Lamm