Agile Drum Kit

This is the perfect kit to travel anywhere. It has a modular bass drum that opens in the center of the shell, and the rest of the toms can be stored inside.

Hand selected Maple wood from the Balkans. – It has full tonality, a rich sustain, and exceptional versatility.

Available sizes: Bass Drums 20” 18” 16″- Toms 8″ – 10” – 12″ – Floors 14” or 16″

Drumkits: 16″-8″-12″ or 18″-10″-14″ or 20″-10″-14″ or 20″-12″-16″ or 20″-10″-12″-16″

We recommend you to contact us to get more information about these drums. They are configurable from the factory, obtaining a sound and a custom construction to the client’s taste