David Marcano

Born in San Juan , Puerto Rico on June 7, 1974. He begin demostrating his interest in music since his first year of life.
But it was until he eas seven that he started to study music in the Music Conservatory for kids of Puerto Rico. He started playing the violin, and when he was 12 years old he enter the High School of Music in San Juan, where he started taking percussion classes. Before graduating from high school whit only 16 years old, he already started playing for important orchestras in Puerto Rico, and since that time until now he never stop playing. Then he enters the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico where he completes a Bachelor in Percussion.

He was been the musical director of many international and local Artists. He was record a wide variety of music, from classical, typical to modern salsa and pop rock, just to mention, artist like Gloria Estefan and Chayanne.

David Marcano Drummer