Power Series

The POWER SERIES kit gives exactly what you think it does: a very powerful sound with handmade shells in Chestnut wood. Chestnut wood characteristically creates a dark tone with a solid core sound.

We carefully curate the number of plys and use our unique edge shaping.

shells Chestnut wood

Developing the POWER SERIES, VARUS has created a pleasant sound with incredible definition.

The look of chestnut wood is “rustic” with a deep wood grain. It is an instrument with a powerful and deep sound, designed for musicians in high demand with a musical taste oriented towards rock and metal music. 

It’s a wood that is easy to tune which makes it versatile.

Construction:Chestnut shells 6 plies 5.4mm for the toms and 8 plies 7,2mm for the bass drum.
Finishes available:BROWN – BLACK – RED – BLUE
Matte finish
Available Sizes:From 8″ to 24”
Hardware:Chrome – Black Nickel – Gold hardware with triple flanged hoops 2,3mm.
Extras:Die Cast hoops