Morpheus Wood Series

This series offers a great sound, with hand selected Maple/Beech wood from the Balkans. Its full tonality, rich sustain, and exceptional versatility has made these drums the premier choice for any musical application.

Using this hybrid method, we obtain a versatile and balanced sound, ideal for the drummer who wants a drum kit for many different musical styles. Maple/Beech hybrid shells have a standard 6-ply 5.4mm thickness for the toms and 8-ply 7.2mm thickness for the Bass drums.

The thickness of the toms was formulated for optimum resonance and tonality. Its center three-ply core panel is llaminated in a horizontal/vertical/horizontal grain bond to a 2.4mm thickness. All the shells are drilled with mini holes, these project and increase the volume

Morpheus Maple Beech Shell

Each drum’s bearing edge is cut to a 45º-degree angle.

The edge is hand-sanded to the craftsman’s touch to assure a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating; the final touch to complete the unmistakable VARUS Sound. It has a bright attack with maximum sustain for exceptional adaptability. The MORPHEUS wood series is ideal for any performance setting. Its versatility makes it the best “all-purpose” drum set for today’s professional settings.

Construcction:Maple Beech shells 6ply 5.4mm for the toms and 8 ply 7.2mm for the bass drum
Finishes available:Matte finish (Military Green, White, Black, blue, Yellow, Red, Gray)
Available sizes:From 6″ to 24″ – You can choose your favorite deeper
Hardware:Chrome – Black nickel – Gold – Triple flanged hoops 2.3mm. Rims included
Extras: – Die-Cast hoops – High gloss finish
Morpheus Wood Estepario Siberiano Thomann

Varus Morpheus Estepario Shell Set

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