Ramón Torregrosa

Ramón Torregrosa – Band MIND DRILLER


My beginnings were around 1994, I began playing drums at the age of 13 in that moment I knew it wasn’t going to stop. I started developing my drumming skills in the conservatory of Music   “Augusto Braint” in 1996 by the hands of the teachers Patricio Arenas and José G. López who taught me lessons and transmitted their knowledge by the symphony of the same teaching center of which I get to perform instrument like Timpani, Drums, Cajon Flamenco and Percussion.

Ramon Torregrosa bio

At the end of the Year 2000, I continued development in the Tecnologico de Música de Valencia (TMV); where I received class and workshops of professors and musician recognized as: Andrés Briceño, Carlos Romero, Alejandro Lamas among and others, to collaborate with renowned musicians such as Pianist Mickey Tedeski and Guitarist Freddy Marshall, then attended clinics taught by Orlando Poleo teachers, Andrés Briceño, Ivo Nunes, Nene Quintero, Luisito Quintero and some international clinics artists such as: Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, Robby Ameen, Frank Quintero, Akira Jimbo, Zoro, Jonathan Mover, Randy Ebright, Sonny Emmory, Paul Wertico, Mike Manginis.

In 2004, I went to live to the capital of the country, I maked projects like Nehbrid and Wannamaker, where I tried different and knew styles. Actually, I’m playing and recording the 3th album of Mind drillers called Involution. Definitely the music and the drum for me is my life and always I’m going to learn everything I can.